Davide Pettenella


Markets development for pine products: actors and patterns of trade in a changing market condition


The market conditions for pine forests are undergoing a process of structural change that is affecting also pine forest plantations and semi-natural forests in Europe. The wood market is affected by a structural decrease in the pulpwood demand, traditionally the main final market for pine plantations. Other market segments, like packaging and reconstructed wood panels, have been seriously affected by the economic crises. On the contrary the development of markets for pine Non Wood Forest Products, namely pine nuts and resin, are, for different reasons, characterized by positive trends in terms of demand and prices.
The paper, relaying on COMTRADE and EUROSTAT data on trade flows for the three products (pine wood, nuts and resin), will highlight the main patterns of trade, the emerging players in the market and the price trends, with a focus on the European market conditions. The results of the market analysis should be taken into consideration in order to adapt the management policies and the investments in the sector.

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