Friday 26 excursion (optional)

Field-visit to experimental sites in Prades Mountains

Guided by José Antonio Bonet, Jordi Martínez-Vilalta and Santi Sabaté

Start: 8h30 Solsona – End: 17h30 Barcelona (city-center)

excursio1Mediterranean pine forests have traditionally played an important role in providing goods and services, such as timber or grasslands…Today’s new societal demands also request other less well-known values such as water provision or non-wood forests products. However, pine ecosystems are currently experiencing increasingly water-stressing and warmer conditions than in the past; which may become even more critical according to several climate change projections. In this context, the provision of ecosystem services and, even more, the future viability of Mediterranean forests face important uncertainties.  

Some of these issues will be considered in the Friday’s half-day field trip during which a set of experimental sites and plots in Prades Mountains will be visited.

excursio2Forest in this area include Pinus pinaster, P. sylvestris, P. halepensis, P. pinea or P. nigra species and long-term research aiming at increasing the knowledge on the ecophysiology of these Mediterranean pines as a basis for their management has been conducted during the last decades.

In particular, we will visit research sites devoted to the improvement of forest management for increasing mushroom productivity in P. pinaster stands, as well as a declining forest in which Scots pine is being replaced by Holm oak and where several projects aiming at monitoring ecophysiological and demographic dynamics have been conducted during the last decade.

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