Conference field-trip

Silviculture and post-fire dynamics of sub-Mediterranean Pinus nigra forests

Guided by Míriam Piqué, Asier Larrañaga, Domingo Molina and Lluís Coll

European black pine (Pinus nigra ssp. salzmannii) is one of the largest conifer species in Catalonia and dominates the forests surrounding Solsona where it has been traditionally managed for wood production (mainly post) through selective cuttings. This species has been severely affected in 1994 and 1998 by two of the largest wildfires registered in Catalonia which burnt respectively 24 300 and 13 900 forested hectares.

The half-day field trip of the conference will take us to these stands. During the trip, the past and current management and use of these forests will be discussed. Some of the areas affected by large wildfires will be then visited and the results of a number of studies aiming at better understanding post-fire dynamics will be presented. Finally, some current experiences on the use of prescribed burning as a management tool for both reducing the vulnerability of these forests to large forests fire and improve their vigor will be introduced.


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